Junior DEVO Pedal Test was Super

Thats right, Super! 23 junior DEVO riders took to the Factory Trails like kids in a candy store tonight during the  Jr. DEVO Pedal Test Shredfest, a fun and serious kids race. The riders ranged from 1st grade to 5th grade and the race was their chance to show off their riding skills to friends and family. Some cried, some crashed out and most gave it their all in the heat of the moment. The event started out with a fun race which was a non-competitive two lap journey around the course. It was tough to contain the group as they wanted to let loose. They had their chance during the next race, coined the serious race, which took the racers five laps around the windy track. It was amazing to see their eyes on the start line, some gripped, some lackadaisical and most with an anxious look of happiness. The parents and onlookers formed a tunnel of clapping hands and positive screams and the race was on. In those five, or six laps, they all dug deep and felt the feeling of pushing through the pain and finding that happy place. It was sweet. The all finished the 30 minute effort with high fives and classic post-race talk of turns gone wrong and battles to remember forever. Forever these memories will stick with these kids. The relay finished up the night with teams of two taking a turn at one lap each, as fast as they could, for the good of the team. DEVO would like to thank all the parents, coaches and fans that supported the program and the kids of the Pedal Test. Racing is a tough thing to do, and with your high fiving and clapping support, it smoothes out the bumps just enough to ensure a positive experience. Rock onward.

Results from the Serious Race

1.George, 2. Devin, 3. Shane, 4. Zack, 5. Adam, 6. Will, 7. Kevin, 8. Tilden, 9. Kieran, 10. Cameron, 11. Bryce, 12. Aden, 13. Leland, 14. Katie, 15. Andrew, 16. Abbey, 17. Ellie, 18. Christian, 19. Carter, 20. Emma, 21. Calvin

Special Awards;

Amazing Girls Award to Bryce, Katie, Abbey, Ellie and Emma for taking it to the boys, 1st Grader Invader Award to Leland, Andrew, Christian and Calvin for hanging with the old kids, Comeback Award to Kieran, Will and Bryce for their strong finishes after a tough first lap, The Hammer Award to George, Devin, Shane, Zack and Adam for their sweet racing battle at the front, The Relay Award to Emma and Adam for their teamwork that led them to the relay victory, The 20inch Award to Tilden and Abbey for their wheel size victory and the Sportsmanship Award to Shane for his role modeling for the first time racers.


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