Davoust 3rd in NYC

U19 er Stephan Davoust place third in last weekends Highbridge All-City race in New York city. Stephan was there on summer vacation visiting relatives and rented a bike to compete in the unique race. At 14 years old, Davoust rode to a strong finish in the 15-18 category, his closest competitor in age was 17. Check out the results here.

Check out his photos here

Q: What was the course like? Any stairs or city things?

A:ya there were 5 flights of stairs to desend and 1 flight to run up


Q:What was your rental like compared to your own race steed?

A:I really liked the rental. i liked the rental alot more than my current bike becase it had better components.


Q: How did your race go?



Q: What was your best move during the race?

A:passing a guy going down a sketchy rock section


Q: Did you pick up on any interesting differences or similarities between our two far away riding cultures?

A:In New Jersey 29er ridgid single speeds are the way to go. 


Q: What else did you do on your vacation?

A:Saw Statue of Liberty and walked around NYC alot and there were alot of tall buildings

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  1. I was really suprised that there were so many people that ride mountain bikes competively in New York and New Jersey. I was able to rent a pretty sweet bike from a local bike store called “TRED BIKES”, I had a Speclized Stumpjumper Enduro.
    The course that was set up there was quite chalangeing because event though there was not much elevation gain the 14mile course was very rocky and slick after the recent rain recived. It was really fun being able to race though down town Manhattin in a park.

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