AOA/DEVO STXC #8 Results

August 5th, 2009

Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO SHort Track Series #8

B Women; 1. Hannah Madden, 2. Kaylee Blevins, 3. Annie Cheeney, 4. Emily schaldach, 5. Joan Walker, 6. Traci Rock

B Men; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Collin Francom, 3. Will Berger, 4. Devin Feilen, 5. Shane Ellis

B Holeshot; Chris Blevins, Hannah Madden

Kids Race; Tanner, Keiran, Brady, Maddie, Ian, Ivan, Lilly

A Women; 1. Krista Park, 2. Tina Dominic

A Men; 1. Matt Schriver, 2. Joey Thompson, 3. Travis Brown, 4. Joe Schneider, 5. Chad Cheeney, 6. Gino Pastore, 7. Erich McAlister, 8. Colton Anderson, 9. Dustin Wanstrath, 10. Mitch Fedak

A Holeshot; Joey Thompson, Krista Park

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