Weekend Update

Snowmass was a sweet circus with Lance on site. He put on quite a show and took a big win over Colorado’s strongman, Jay Henry. Dang he is fast in person. Also fast in person were the Blevins’. Kaylee took the win in the 14 and under girls and Chris took the mountain cross. Wispers were heard as he flew over the massive double jumps with ease. “Who’s the new kid?”, they were probably asking. Gino Pastore took a 2nd in cat 1, Elliott Saslow took a 3rd in the cat 2, River Weiss took 7th in the u14 boys  and Annie Cheeney took a 3rd in the cat 2 women. Then in the downhill on sunday, Coach Evan Elliott had his best finish as a pro, taking 27th place of 70 pro men. U-19er Taylor Borucki had a bad line and flatted and fellow teammate Kyle Horn placed 22nd in the cat 1 men and Gino Pastore took 14th in the cat 2 men. Then in the super D, Coach Chad took 3rd in the open men, Gino 2nd and Elliott Saslow 4th in the u18 race.

About 6 hours away in Dolores, Colorado, DEVO athletes Stephan Davoust and Emily Schaldach each won the cat 2 junior race. FLC coach won the race and looked to have beaten the course record by 3 minutes, earning him an extra $100. The previous record was held by DEVO board member TBrown, who took 2nd today. The female pro race was won by FLC cyclist, Teal Stetson-Lee.

Then Like 30 hours from there in Vermont, DEVO’s Kaila Hart took on the fast girls of the east and placed 3rd in the Pro XCT race. Teammate Alicia Rose haad to bail after her derailuer ripped off. Todd Wells placed 3rd, Rotem Ishay was 8th, and Andy Shultz placed 10th. Nice work Durango.


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