Tad Elliott is in Austrailia

Alumni Tad Elliott is off to Austraila for the next week as he prepares for fidays U23 World Championship cross country race. Tad is there with fellow Durangoan Todd Wells to represent in the world scene. Here is Tad’s latest update.

Flight went well economy plus on the isle with no one next to me. I slept for 7:30 hours straight no sleeping pill. Woke up ate some food then took another 1:30 nap. I had so much food I did not even eat the airplane food. Very Nice. Course is good with a lot of single track and tons of option lines with jumps over ditches, drops, and fun stuff.  It is a lot like Colorado trails. I hope to do well. Colin Cares and I are roommates.  Hotel room is so swank. Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, big flat screen TV, movie channels, two bathrooms and showers, plus our own laundry. So nice. Food set up is rad. Walk downstairs and there is 4 star restaurant preparing our meals. We see tons of Cockatiels and Parrots flying around, Kangaroo dead on the side of the road, I have not seen a live one yet but I hope to soon. It is very cold and windy here. Thermal stuff like spring in Colorado. Talk to you more when there is something cool to report.



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